MSB Strikers Ready for the 37th Annual President’s Day Tournament Feb 12-15,
in Phoenix, AZ

The U18, Tier 2, Strikers are working extra hard this winter, to prepare for
participating in one of the top ranked tournaments in the US.  The boys are
excited.  Over 300 teams will participate and over 200 college coaches will
scout games at the beautiful 18 field facility in Phoenix.

Many of the teams participating will be in their best outdoor form as this
tournament wraps up their season.  The Strikers boys have prided themselves
on taking on bigger and bigger challenges each year and this will be one of
their biggest.  On the Strikers resume: Playing several older Tier 1 teams;
winning several tournaments in Alberta and qualifying for the provincials in
indoor last year!

We are proud of their participation.  The support of our MSB club over the
years, the strong technical program led by coach Rasti, the dedication of
the boy’s parents and, most importantly, the courage of the boys themselves
– have all led to this opportunity.

Go Strikers!
Coaches:  Ray Elphick and Doug Hintz
Manager:  Yvonne Keck